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The Very Beginning of Begin Moving!

It has always been my desire to start my own moving company.  I have been working for my entire adult life, in one form or another; as a mover. I drove trucks, packed boxes, did warehousing, learned to drive a forklift.  I typed paperwork on the old IBM Selectric. I used a word processor and then helped program some of the first computer software used in the industry.

Through it all I always thought that there was something missing in the moving field --  true caring and concern for the customer. Like the way you'd want your mom to be treated if you couldn't be there yourself.  I always knew that some day I would make it happen. That I would find employees who are kind and do what it takes to make sure our customers feel at home at the end of the day. 

When I first met my husband, Jack, he was driving trucks.  I was working in the office, doing bookkeeping and various other tasks.  We became friends, and eventually we fell in love and got married.  During our early courting we had occasion to visit with my husband's parents.  His father, upon meeting me, insisted that Jack sing me the song, Begin the Beguine, (listen to the song linked on the right).  This became our song, and I always told Jack "when we open our own moving company we will call it Beguine Moving", in honor of his father and as a representation of our love for each other. 

Time passes, and of course most people no longer remember the song.  After so many years, when we finally got to open our company, we agreed that "Beguine" might not be understood by everyone, but "Begin" is a good place to start!  And so it began, our little moving company with the best "old fashioned" values, with care, respect, courtesy, kindness and love.  Begin Moving, We Bring You Home!

We Bring you home!